We–Personal Anthem

We 2010
There’s always a reason
But it’s all the same
There’s always progress
But we never change
I think we do for a time
Or maybe just pretend
But in the end
It’s us
I push
The loving hands
Away from my eyes
My blindfolds falls
I keep my friends always
But Without the gentle
Empty, blindfold
I have to live
My sweet little lie
And see it too
I go away in my mind
So I don’t have to feel
I know it’s not real
You have to know it’s not real
I know what’s still out here
And I pretend I don’t
I give them my faith
Because that’s what faith is
To meet a need
That is never met
We always have the reason
We always know why
So we do it all again
But hey
At least we tried


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