World Building Poem

A city gleaming golden bronze 

With curling steam and great black smoke 

A bolt and pipe, metalwork and brick home 

to the cityfolk of the land

Merchants, nobles, artists buisnessmen

Here the land is soaked with oil, and the tears of gold 


Beyond the city, the land fades into country 

A village, risen of earth, hay and brick 

here the land is filled with the root of crop 

The people mark the stars, and know the moods of the sky

Farmers, weavers, folk of the land

Who put down plots of stone for those who wander to far into the grass 


Beyond the grain there is the grass

The plains are a strange land

Where man, beast and spirit are free to walk 

Empty but for ruins and flowers 

and impromptu graves 

The ground is full of paths to nowhere, the crumbling remnants of settlements eons past, and slumbering magic 


To the east mountains can be seen, and from them sometimes comes great fire 

The screaming beasts who guard it have left it mostly unwalked upon by man

Though those who return come with eyes shining with light 


To the west there is a great mist

Cold as fear, and soft. 

On hot days one can almost see the blackness of the Grey Spires 

Or even the Undying Sea 

Men come here when their lives are over, and walk through the plains 

Trying to reach the undying sea 

When the men of the land are lucky, 

The dead do not return 

Here the earth is cold and dead. Filled with ash and bone. 


To the North is the strangest place of all 

An adventurer’s eyes there will meet the Fair Forrest 

Alive and sparkling with bright greens, dusky reds, yellows and oranges of nature 

Pools so blue like bits of the finest sky shimmering still on mossy earth 

The mists here are soft and friendly 

The lights dance with the eyes 

Men return from here are not the same.

Mad, or dazzled such they cannot eat of the earth proper

Or worse, from centuries long ago, fresh fleshed

Or having danced their feet into bone 

The earth here is made of blood and music

Most of all, power

It is feared most of all 


2 thoughts on “World Building Poem

  1. You have created a vivid fantasy world with this poem. Thanks for sharing.

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